Mortgage Differential Analysis


In 1991 HomeMatch were the first company in the UK to utilise Geo-demographic mapping packages to accurately establish like for like areas and property price differentials.

Using this data HomeMatch was able to construct a market leading postcode level property and desirability orientated mapping system, ‘The HomeMatch System’, which enables us to accurately profile like for like locations across the UK.

The amount and integrity of the source data utilised to construct the database in question allows us to analyse to the micro level of a ‘Postcode’, the average postcode in the UK containing between 15-50 households.

The system helped to solve two very important issues:

The corporate client now had a justifiable accurate method of calculating the differential between like for like locations throughout the UK. Therefore they could ensure that they were not exposed to exorbitant costs when looking to mortgage differential payments.

The employee and their family were now compensated for moving to a like area within the relocation radius and therefore could afford to purchase a similar property and match their existing lifestyle.

For a demonstration on how we undertake our mortgage differential studies please click here.

Our System:

  • Today the system has been robustly tested over a 16 year period and is still regarded as market leading technology.
  • As with all of our products we are happy to design a bespoke solution that best meets you and your employees' needs at a budget that fits your business.
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