Group Move Analysis


Group Moves are a stressful time for both you and your employees, we provide a range of services throughout the process to help ease this stress, how can we help?

Site Selection Analysis

Let us analyse which site least impacts your employees and saves you relocation costs whilst meeting your communications and budgetary requirements.

Employee Relocation Qualification

Provide drivetime, distance in miles and public transport analysis to and from the existing and new place of work to see which employees require relocation and to accurately set your budgetary requirements.

Property Price Matrix

We can provide postcode level analysis and profiling of your existing employees, the types of property and locations they reside within mapped against similar locations within the destination radius to establish average house price differentials. This again allows you to plan your budgetary requirements.

Group Move On-line Resource

Our on-line guides provide one central resource for your employees to fully investigate the available areas within the relocation radius. The resource provides you with the opportunity to deliver directly to your employees and their families a wealth of information throughout the consultation process and help them feel more at ease with their impending move.

Drivetime Look Up Tools

These have proved invaluable within recent years whether they are embedded in our central On-line Information guides or built as stand alone applications. The tool allows HR, the Relocation Supplier or the employee to qualify whether the properties that they are interested in purchasing fall within the drivetime criteria of the new work place.

For more information on our on-line resource try out our free Demonstration Guide or Contact us.

Group Move Analysis can:

  • Save ££££’s in relocation costs.
  • Provide detailed transport information, so as to accurately set budgetary requirements.
  • Locate similar properties within the destination radius to ensure a perfect match on an employee’s previous property.
  • Display a wealth of information about a new location during the consultation process.
  • Enable HR, relocation supplier or employees to look up whether the new property falls within the drivetime criteria.