Area Information Guides


HomeMatch provide national coverage for area information guides, to date we have constructed over 500 UK based area orientation guides.

Whether you are looking for a one off bespoke solution for a relocating employee or central on-line resource for your entire workforce we can help.

Paper Based Solutions

Paper based guides can be created for generally one to three areas of interest for a relocating employee, we have no set template in the information that we deliver in our guides but moreover we will consult with you at the outset of our relationship and help you develop the most suitable guides for your relocating employees.

Web Based Solutions

Some six years ago we launched a range of on-line solutions to service our corporate client base by assisting them in relocating their employees


The guides provide a wealth of information from expat guides to the UK, transportation including drivetime look-up tools, school search facilities, healthcare search facilities, area write ups and data streams such as local sports facilities, shops, theatres, cinemas and much more.

Here are some of our clients who have benefited from an Area Information Guide.

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An Area Info Guide
could help you:

  • Smooth the consultation process for Group Moves by promoting the new area.
  • Control budget restraints for moves of 50 or more employees.
  • Provide a central resource for policies, expense management forms and relocation assistance.
  • Help employees feel more at ease with their pending relocation.
  • Relieves some of the stress on your HR department.