We have taken great care in developing this site to the correct web standards up to priority 2. Below is information on browser compatibility and how to easily navigate through the site without the use of a mouse

Browser compatibility

You can view the HomeMatch website on a wide range of browsers.

  • Internet Explorer Internet Explorer 4.0+ f or PCs
  • Internet Explorer Internet Explorer 4.5+ for Mac computers
  • Mozilla Firefox 2.0 Mozilla Firefox 2.0 and for Mac computers
  • Opera 9.10 Opera 9.10 and for Mac computers
  • Safari on  Macintosh computers Safari on Mac computers

Keyboard shortcuts


  • Internet Explorer IE 4 - press 'Alt' and letter at the same time
  • Internet Explorer IE 5+ - press 'Alt' and letter, release, then press enter
  • Mozilla Firefox 2.0 Firefox - press 'Alt' and 'Shift', then press the letter
  • Macintosh:

    • Internet Explorer IE 5+ - hold down 'Control' key and then press letter

Keyboard Shortcut Action

  • Load Home page press 'h'
  • Load Accessibility page press 'a'
  • Load Site Map page press 'm'
  • Contact us press 'c'
  • Latest News press 'n'
  • Load Area Guide page press '1'
  • Load Group Move Analysis press '2'
  • Load Mortgage Analysis press '3'
  • Load Area Guide Demo press '4'